Le Trieux

Le Trieux
Watercolor and Black Crayon on Paper
20 x 29.2 cm
Signed P. Signac (lower left)
Private Collection, Italy Private collection, acquired from the above, circa 2000

From 1924 to 1931, Paul Signac spent his summers at Lézardrieux, a hamlet in Northern Brittany, overlooking the River Trieux, where he usually rented a house for several weeks. The present work shows a bay of the river with three large sailing boats moored side by side – two seen head on, the third from the stern – surrounded by lush rolling hills.

Although Signac never abandoned Pointillism in his oil paintings, he regarded watercolour as a welcome alternative to the arduous application of countless dabs of paint in this technique. In many ways, watercolour better suited his temperament, because paint has to be applied quickly and precisely, leaving no room for mistakes and second attempts. The present sheet is executed in brilliantly fresh colours with a mobile, flowing brush, black crayon providing sketchy outlines and structure.