Tasse et Fruits

“Monsieur Renoir said that one must do still-lifes in order to learn to paint quickly.” Julie Manet Renoir showed little interest in the composition of

La Maison Du Pan-Du, 1890

In 1890, Gauguin spent the summer in Le Pouldu, an idyllic hamlet on the Atlantic coast of Brittany, where he painted this vibrantly colourful picture

Am Damm (Holland)

n July 1937, one day before Hitler personally opened the infamous exhibition “Degenerate Art“ in Munich, in which 22 of Beckmann’s works were featured, Max

Self Portrait on Hercules II

The flight aboard a Hercules into Kandahar was gruelling. Wearing a 30 lb. flak jacket, helmet and visor, I began the turbulent descent into the

Tim Hortons I, Kandahar

Every day one of the hospital staff was assigned to pick up coffee and doughnuts at Tim Hortons, a take-out facility only. The line-up on

Morning Rounds II (Nurses)

From left to right: Lt.(N) Karen Brown, Capt. Bruce Reeves, Lt. Julie Boulet, Capt. Nori Bicknell-Rushenas, Lt.(N) Cathy Campbell, Nurse Practitioner. The nurses at Role

Surgery on Afghan Boy

Lt.(N) Tim Lund (surgical nurse), Dr. Brian Dubois (surgeon), Aziz and Maj. Brian Church (anaesthetist). On my first day at Role 3, I was invited