Mohammed and the X-ray Tech

Mohammed (left) and MCPL François Thériault. Mohammed was injured in an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) incident and suffered a fractured vertebrae. I sketched him several

Lt.(N) Jo-Ann Hnatiuk, Medevac Nurse

Lt.(N) Jo-Ann Hnatiuk is the first Canadian Flight Nurse to fly forward airevac (aeromedical evacuation on the front line in Afghanistan). In Kandahar. Jo-Ann introduced

Afghan Girl, Nurse, Orange

Maztlifa with British military nurse. It came as a shock to find a young girl being treated in a ward of adult men. Maztlifa, an

Morning Rounds I

From left to right: Maj. Brian Church, Captain Bruce Reeves, Lt (N) Joni Forsyth, Maj. Paul Charlebois and pharmacist. Morning rounds at Role 3 is

Gunshot Victim with Col. MacKay

Habebullah, Col. Colin MacKay On my first morning at the hospital, Colonel Colin MacKay, head of Role 3, introduced me to the medical personnel, and

Morning Rounds III

From left to right: Lt.(N) Joni Forsyth, Lt.(N) Cathy Campbell, Lt.(N)Tobi Dwyer, Dr. Giang Nguyen and Maj. Paul Charlebois. It surprised me to see nurses

Blast Victims

Lt.(N) Tobi Dwyer cleaning the tracheotomy of a jaw reconstruction patient on the ward of Role 3. This painting illustrates my immediate impression of the